Nowadays, the use of electric energy is very necessary for today’s life, especially electric energy. Currently, in our country, there is only one supplier of electrical energy, the Vietnam Electricity Corporation, which is the main responsible unit for the entire electricity system in our country. Our country’s state electricity price is based on the decisions of our country and the Vietnam Electricity Group to come up with a price that can be used to meet the needs of the parties.

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The price of electricity in our country

Currently, state electricity price TTTT in our country is set by the Electricity of Vietnam, which consists of 3 main items, including: Retail price, wholesale price, hourly electricity price. Each type has different characteristics so that it is possible to accurately calculate the demand for electricity to be able to give an electricity price in accordance with that requirement.

The current state electricity price retail price

The current retail price of state electricity has 4 subjects as follows: Production industry group, administrative group – non-business group, business group and living group.

For the group of manufacturing industries, depending on the voltage, the electricity prices are different

Voltage levelElectricity price (VND/kWh)
From 110 kV or moreFrom 970 VND to 2759 VND
From 22 kV to less than 110 kVFrom 1007 VND to 2871 VND
From 6kV to less than 22kVFrom 1044 VND to 2964 VND
Under 6 kVFrom 1100 VND to 3076 VND

For the administrative – career group

Subjects and voltage levelElectricity price (VND/kWh)
Hospital, kindergarten, kindergarten, high school
Over 6 kV voltage level1659 đ
Voltage level below 6 kV1771 đ
Public lighting, administrative and non-business units
Over 6 kV voltage level1827 đ
Voltage level below 6 kV1902 đ

For business group

Voltage levelElectricity price (VND/kWh)
From 22 kV and aboveFrom 1361 VND to 4251 VND
From 6kV to less than 22 kVFrom 1547 VND to 4400 VND
Under 6 kV

From 1622 VND to 4587 VND

For activity groups

Electricity calculation levelElectricity price (VND/kWh)
Tier 1: 0 kWh – 50 kWh1678 đ
Tier 2: 51 kWh – 100 kWh1734 đ
Tier 3: 101 kWh – 200 kWh2014 đ
Tier 4: 201 kWh – 300 kWh2536 đ
Tier 5: 301 kWh – 400 kWh2834 đ
Tier 6: From 401 kWh or more2961 đ

State electricity price list for wholesale electricity

For the state electricity price list, electricity wholesalers will be divided into zones and have different price items as follows:

Wholesale price of rural electricity: From 1403 VND/kWh to 2323 VND/kWh

Price list for wholesale electricity in collective areas and residential clusters:

AreaElectricity price (VND/kWh)
Cities, townsFrom 1568 VND to 2713 VND or 1545 VND to 2652 VND
Towns and districtsFrom 1514 VND to 2569 VND or 1491 VND to 2480 VND

Price list of wholesale electricity for commercial, service and daily-life complexes:

Target customersElectricity price (VND/kWh)
ElectricityFrom 1568 VND to 2713 VND or 1545 VND to 2652 VND
OthersFrom 1514 VND to 2569 VND or 1491 VND to 2480 VND

Price list for wholesale electricity in industrial zones:

Target customersElectricity price (VND/kWh)
Total installed capacity of the transformer is more than 100 MVAFrom 945 VND to 2702 VND
Total capacity of transformers from 50 MVA to 100 MVAFrom 917 VND to 2689 VND
Total installed capacity of transformer under 50 MVAFrom 914 VND to 2673 VND
Voltage level 22 kV to less than 110 kVFrom 989 VND to 2817 VND
Cable voltage 6 kV to less than 22 kV

From 1024 VND to 2908 VND

Price list for wholesale electricity for the market: 2389 VND/kWh

State electricity price by hour

The electricity price of the state by the hour has 3 rates:

Normal hours: Including Monday to Saturday: 4:00 – 9:30; 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; from 8pm to 10pm and on Sundays from 4am to 10pm.

Peak hours: Including Mondays to Saturdays: 9:30 am – 11:30 am; 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Off-peak hours: All days of the week from 10pm – 4pm.

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How to calculate the state electricity bill how much a month of use

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Currently, to know how much electricity is used within a month, customers can rely on the value on the meter at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month to check and show the value of electricity used in a month Volvo generator. We will guide you on how to calculate how much the state electricity bill costs per month.

When we know the amount of electricity used in us, based on the above domestic electricity price list to calculate the electricity price as follows: For example, you use up 362 kWh in this month, you calculate it by:

50 x 1678 + 50 x 1734 + 100 x 2014 + 100 x 2536 + 62 x 2834 = 801308 VND and add 10% VAT, the total will be 881,439 VND

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