In order to get electrical energy to supply all loads of households, companies, factories, industrial parks, hospitals, schools, etc., it needs a huge energy source system. In our country, there are many energy source systems, but the most well-known are hydroelectric power plants stretching from the North to the South of our country. Son La hydropower plant or Da Nhim Hydroelectricity is quite famous in Vietnam.

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Information on hydroelectric and hydroelectric dams

What is the information on hydroelectric?

Information was hydroelectric is a source of electricity generated from the power of water flow or taking energy from water reservoirs to create potential energy to use that potential energy as a generator’s water turbine to generate electricity. Hydroelectricity can be considered a renewable energy source, but more or less hydroelectricity also affects the environment and human life, so it is not entirely a green energy source.

The amount of energy that hydroelectric TTTT provides depends on many factors such as the total volume of water, the height of the water source, and their flow. All of the above factors are important to calculate the pressure of the water force to generate the power to propel the generator’s water turbine (Alternator).

Hydroelectric dams and hydroelectric plants in Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are currently more than 300 hydroelectric dams with diverse generating capacities stretching from North to South. The largest is located in Son La with Son La hydroelectricity with a capacity of 9429 million kWh/year and small hydroelectric power plants with only about 17 million kWh/year.

Currently, hydroelectric plants account for the second place in terms of energy supply in Vietnam, after thermal power. However, currently, thermal power is being replaced by other renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power and hydroelectricity, so in the near future, hydroelectricity will be the leading source of energy supply in Vietnam.

Hydroelectric plants of Son La, Tri An, Da Nhim, Ankroer, Hoa Binh, etc.

Đập thuỷ điện

The hydroelectric power plants currently operating are not affected by the market price increase as much as other energy sources and use their own fuel, not imported from anyone. Hydropower plants use a small amount of labor, save costs, and are implemented mainly by automation.

Son La Hydropower Plant

Son La hydropower plant belongs to the Vietnam Electricity Group with 6 generating sets with a capacity of 400 MW for one unit, so the total capacity of Son La hydropower plant is 2400 MW. The total capacity of Son La plant per year is 9426 million kWh/year.

Construction of the plant started in 2005 and the first generating unit will be put into operation in 2021. In 2011 the hydroelectric power plant put 3 more units into operation and in 2012 completed the operation of 6 units. machine. This is a hydroelectric power plant with the largest capacity in Vietnam today.

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Tri An Hydropower Plant

Tri An hydropower plant is also invested and operated by Vietnam Electricity Group and is located in Dong Nai province. The plant has 4 units with a capacity of 100 MW with 1 generating set, the total capacity of the plant is 400 MW. The total annual power output of the plant is 1700 million kWh/year

The factory was built in 1984 and the first and second test units were put into operation in 1988. The 3rd and 4th units were operated in 1989 and the factory was completed in 1991. Expected in 2025 The machine will expand by 200 MW to increase the capacity to 600 MW.

Da Nhim Hydropower Plant

Da Nhim Hydropower Plant is managed by Da Nhim – Ham Thuan – Da Mi Hydropower Company with 4 units with a total capacity of 160 MW in 1986 and increased to 240 MW in 2018, the current capacity of 5 units are 1000 million kWh/year.

The plant was built in 1962 and operated in 1964 with a total of 4 units with a capacity of 160 MW and has now increased to 5 units with a capacity of 240 MW in 2018.

Ankroet Hydropower Plant

Ankroet Hydropower Plant is the first hydroelectric power generation plant in Vietnam located in Lam Dong managed by Lam Dong Power Company with a capacity of 4400 kW, although with that small capacity, the generator here has a large capacity. Old machines on display bring value to viewers about hydroelectric generators in Vietnam.

The factory was first built in 1942 and completed in 1945 and put into operation with a capacity of 600 kW. In 1964, two more units were put into operation, increasing the capacity to 3100 kW. In 1999, the plant expanded to a capacity of 4400 kW and an average capacity of 21 million kWh/year per year.

Hoa Binh hydroelectric dam

Hoa Binh hydroelectric dam belonging to Hoa Binh power plant was built to create Hoa Binh under the Vietnam Electricity Group with 8 units with a capacity of 240 MW each and a total capacity of 1920 MW. Currently, the capacity of 8 units totaling 1920 MW is 8160 million kWh/year.

Construction of the plant began in 1979 and the first generating set was connected to the grid in 1988 and in 1994, 8 units were connected to the grid and the plant was fully operational. Currently, in 2023, the plant is expanding two more units with a total capacity of 10 units of 2400 MW, equal to the Son La hydroelectric plant with the largest capacity in our country.

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