Currently, using electric energy is very popular everywhere, but to generate electric energy needs many different ways and there are many ways of polluting and affecting the environment. Therefore, the use of an energy source that does not affect the environment and can be used many times is the current and future goal, meeting the requirements on the chosen energy source that uses the most renewable energy source quantity.

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What are renewable and non-renewable energy sources?

Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources are energy sources that we can reuse many times and easily regenerate without causing pollution, affecting the environment.

Recycled energy TTTT is an energy source used to replace current energy sources that cause many impacts on the environment today. Currently deployed and exploited in the world.

Non-renewable energy sources

Renewable and non-renewable energy sources also produce energy but the difference is that energy sources cannot be reused or regenerated easily, and using them can cause pollution. environmental contamination. Some examples of non-renewable energy sources include:

  • Oil: Oil is a non-renewable energy source because it is made from chemical compounds that have been formed by organisms and plants over millions of years. When burned, they produce energy, which emits CO2 and pollutes the air.
  • Charcoal: Charcoal is a chemical compound formed from dead and decaying organisms and plants over millions of years. Like oil, when burning coal, it will emit CO2 and pollute the air.
  • Mixed Fuels: Mixed fuels include different types of fuel such as gasoline, diesel, and aspirated gas. They are made from oil and coal, so they will also emit CO2 when burned.
  • Nuclear: As a source of fuel from nuclear technology, the energy is stored in Japanese nuclear reactors for control. The main source of nuclear energy used in nuclear technology is Uranium.

Why use renewable energy sources? What are the benefits of renewable energy sources?

Why use renewable energy sources? much attention. There are many reasons why we should use renewable energy sources instead of non-renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources are currently being used by a lot of people because of the following benefits of renewable energy:

  • No environmental pollution: When using renewable energy sources, it will not generate CO2 and reduce environmental pollution.
  • Replacing Non-Renewable Energy Sources: Renewable energy sources will replace current non-renewable energy sources.

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The role of renewable energy

The role of renewable energy in today’s life and environment:

  • Limiting environmental pollution: Using renewable energy can help reduce CO2 emissions when burning non-renewable energy sources and reduce environmental pollution.
  • Bring Reusability: Renewable energy sources can be reused and regenerated easily, while non-renewable energy sources often cannot do this.
  • Reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources: Using renewable energy can help reduce non-renewable energy sources such as oil and gas currently in use, which can help reduce costs and increase security for energy supply.
  • Sustainability of energy supply: Renewable energy can be supplied continuously and will not run out in the future because it is renewable.
  • Creating job opportunities: Using renewable energy can create many job opportunities in the green energy industry sector.

Which form of energy is not renewable? example of renewable energy

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Which form of energy is not renewable?

Which form of energy is not renewable? searched by many people. Some forms of energy that are not renewable include:

  • Oil energy: Oil is a non-renewable energy source, as it is made from old chemical compounds that have been concentrated in clay over millions of years, so it is not easily available in a short time.
  • Gas Energy: Gas is a non-renewable source of energy, as it is a non-physical and non-renewable substance that must be formed over a long period of time.
  • Engine power: Fire generator engine use oil or gas or other energy for power, so they are not renewable either.
  • Chemical Fuel Energy: Chemical fuels such as tobacco and gas are made from chemical compounds and are also not a renewable energy source.

Example of renewable energy

Some example of renewable energy include:

  • Solar energy: Using sunlight to produce electricity through solar panels.
  • Wind power: Using wind to drive the wheels to produce electricity.
  • Cultivated energy: Use waste and waste quality to generate methane and use methane energy to produce electricity.
  • Tidal energy: Uses the movement of water to generate energy.

Technology of renewable energy in Vietnam and use renewable energy in Vietnam

Renewable energy technology in Vietnam is being developed with many different types of energy, including:

  • Solar energy: Vietnam has a lot of sun and is developing a lot of solar projects, including extensive solar projects and solar systems for homes and businesses. business works.
  • Wind energy: Vietnam has several regions with good wind service and is developing wind energy projects to generate electricity from wind.
  • Infrared energy: Vietnam has a number of small infrared energy projects, but still very few compared to other countries in the world.
  • Biogas energy: Vietnam is also developing projects to produce biogas from domestic and agricultural waste, to use as fuel for electricity.
  • Circulating Energy: Vietnam is also developing circulating energy projects using other energy sources for storage.

The use of renewable energy in Vietnam is very popular and businesses are developing, and the state has policies to encourage and motivate renewable energy projects and private renewable energy systems. Renewable energy consulting and implementation businesses in Vietnam are numerous and with many advanced technologies and equipment to help customers meet their current and future energy needs.

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