When using electricity, you are often interested in the basic parameters of the electrical system such as amperage, magnetic induction and magnetic field strength, but few people know that these parameters are specific to the electromagnetic fields. So what is the electromagnetic field and what effect does it have on the electrical system are questions that many people are interested in. The following article TTTT will show you the information that is electromagnetic field and where does it appear?

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Where is the electromagnetic field generated and where does the electromagnetic field appear?

Where is the electromagnetic field generated?

The concept of electromagnetic fields TTTT is a form of matter that is specific to the interactions between charged particles, it is born from charged particles and is the unity between magnetic and electric fields.

The characteristics for electromagnetic field interaction are magnetic field strength, current strength, magnetic induction and charge.

Electromagnetic fields are produced by the phenomena of stationary and moving charges that cause the magnetic field to change and the electric field to change to create the electromagnetic field.

Where does the electromagnetic field appear?

Where does the electromagnetic field appear is a question that many people are interested in. Electromagnetic field is a field consisting of: variable magnetic field and variable electric field, so the phenomena must satisfy both the above control with the appearance of electromagnetic field. Here are a few examples:

  • Around a constant current, Mecc alte charger or around a conduit there is no variable magnetic field so there is no electromagnetic field.
  • Around a stationary charge, the electric field remains constant, so neither is an electromagnetic field.
  • Only around an electric spark can there be both a changing magnetic field and a changing current that an electromagnetic field will appear.

Where does the electromagnetic field appear? Electromagnetic fields occur in materials with variable field areas and variable magnetic fields such as around electric sparks.

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Electromagnetic fields may exist around and harmful effects of electromagnetic fields

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Electromagnetic fields can occur around matter with both electric field variation and electric field variation, such as around an alternating current. Alternating current has a time-varying current that produces a magnetic field, and a time-varying electric field creates an electromagnetic field around it.

The harmful effects of electromagnetic fields on humans are dysfunction of the human cardiovascular system and metabolic system. If subjected to long-term electronic field influence, it can adversely affect the cardiovascular system, circulatory system, nervous and excretory systems, reduce health and adversely affect daily life activities. People.

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