In engineering, the most interesting and studied magnetic carriers are magnets. Currently on the market there are many different types of magnets such as permanent magnets, electromagnets, earth magnets, ferrite magnets, alnico magnets, etc. However, the most commonly studied and used are electromagnets. Today TTTT Global will learn with you what an electromagnet consisting of.

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What does an electromagnet consist of?

An electromagnet is a device that generates a magnetic field, or in other words, an electromagnet generates a magnetic field through the action of a coil with an electric current flowing through it. Unlike permanent magnets with fixed magnetic induction, electromagnets have variable magnetic induction depending on whether the current flowing through the coil is large or small.

An electromagnet consisting of TTTT two main parts, a coil that generates a magnetic field and a core that conducts (amplifies) the magnetic field. The magnetic induction of the inductor electromagnet is formed by using a magnetic conductive core made of soft magnetic materials with high permeability and high saturation electromagnetic induction.

State the structure of an electromagnet and the principle of operation of an electromagnet

State the structure of an electromagnet

State the structure of an electromagnet: An electromagnet is composed of a long wire made of copper wrapped around the core of the electromagnet, which is usually non-ferrous iron, When an electric current flows through that coil, it will for that coil to be infected from the network on the inside. Due to the accumulation of iron core, the magnetization will make the magnet core stronger. But when the current is cut off, the iron core will immediately lose its magnetism (Mecc Alte Alternator).

Working principle of electromagnet

When a conductor with many turns is connected to the power source, the current produces an electric field in the turns of the winding. When current flows through the turns of the coil, the change of the electric field in the turns of the coil will produce another magnetic field perpendicular to the original magnetic field. The magnetic field of an electromagnet is similar to the magnetic field of a permanent magnet. When disconnecting the current from the coil will disappear. So only when an electric current passes through, the coil becomes an electromagnet.

Magnetism of iron and steel electromagnets

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Magnetism of iron and steel electromagnets: Steel cores or iron cores increase the effect of current-carrying wires. When the power is turned off, the steel core remains magnetic while the iron core loses all magnetism. The steel or iron core increases the magnetic effect of the coil because when placed in a magnetic field, the iron core and the steel core become magnetized and they become magnets. Not only iron cores, steel cores but other magnetic materials such as nickel, coobalt, etc. are all magnetized when placed in the death chamber.

However, to make an electromagnet, it is necessary to use a steel core to be able to make an electromagnet because for a steel core, the magnetism will remain when the power is off, it will become a permanent magnet, while the iron core will turn off the magnetic power when the power is off. disappears like an electromagnet.

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What is the core material of electromagnets usually made of?

Materials used for electromagnet cores are soft magnetic materials and usually, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Has great permeability.
  • High saturation magnetic induction does not limit the operating range of the magnet.
  • There is a small delay loss that does not delay the change of the magnetic field of the magnet.
  • When a conductive core is present, the magnetic induction generated at the surface of the electromagnet pole will be calculated as B.
  • The core of the electromagnet is usually made of wrought iron or silicon iron alloy.

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