In the power system, it is not always possible to avoid unintended incidents, the phenomenon that occurs when there is a short circuit or an electrical short, there will be a phenomenon called an electric arc. Electric arc is a phenomenon when it appears bad but there are still applications where electric arc can be used. TTTT Global will help you learn what is electric arc is and what electric arcs are used in.

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What is electric arc ?

What is electric arc TTTT? An electric arc is a self-propelled discharge process that occurs in a gas at normal or low pressure between two electrodes with a small potential difference. The electric arc is characterized by a voltage lower than the glow discharge and depends on the thermal emission of electrons from the two electrodes.

The electric arc is in fact a form of plasma that produces a continuous charge exchange and is often accompanied by intense radiance and heat. This is also known as the self-discharge process that occurs in a low-pressure or low-pressure gas between two electrodes with a very large potential difference.

The phenomenon of electric arc has a very low resistance because the gas between the two poles is at high temperature, so the ball ionizes and becomes a good conductor and the low voltage difference works with high amperage in the circuit, the phenomenon of arcing occurs. photoelectricity will appear.

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What are the effects of electric arc and electric arc phenomenon?

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What is the electric arc phenomenon used for?

The electric arc phenomenon is applied to many different things such as:

Electric arcs generated at high temperatures are commonly used for electrical goods: One pole is attached to the tow metal plate and the other is placed on the cargo rod. When the electric arc phenomenon occurs at high temperature, the rod will melt and be attached to the metal to be loaded.

Electric arcs are often used in fields such as steelmaking to help mend damaged parts and separate excess parts of the material.

For the mechanical industry and machine manufacturing, the electric arc is really an indispensable part. Help with equipment soldering and equipment fabrication.

The harmful effects of electric arc

In industry, equipment can be destroyed by electric arcs. The causes leading to this phenomenon are sudden voltage changes, short circuit of the electrical system. The harmful effects of electric arcs in damaged equipment damage to equipment wear and tear and can be dangerous to people if nearby.

Electric arcs happen every year due to many different causes. Because of the above accidents, many businesses have to spend a lot of money to repair and replace equipment as well as affect people’s lives.

To prevent electric arc: To ensure safety for regular activities in the environment with electric arc, people in that area should be equipped with auxiliary equipment to ensure the safety of users. and the people around. An electrical and control system according to safety standards is required to protect against the occurrence of electric arcs. Safety training and awareness should be given to engineers and staff to ensure their own safety. Establish safety regulations for working in arc working environments and proper use of the equipment they are equipped with.

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