Electricity production is one of the important industries and plays a huge role in the economic development of a country. Electricity not only provides for production activities, but is also an essential source of energy for modern life. In the context of climate change and continuously rising energy prices, electricity production using advanced technologies is a trend that cannot be ignored. So what is produced electricity and why is it important to Vietnam? Let’s find out in this article.

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Modern methods of electrical production

Currently, there are 5 types of electricity production TTTT Global is operating in Vietnam: thermal power, hydropower, solar energy, wind energy and nuclear energy. Join us to learn more about each of these types of electricity.


Thermoelectricity is the most common electricity production method today. It can be done by burning fuels such as coal, oil, gas or other biomass materials to produce thermal energy, which in turn generates electricity. This is a very common and easy process, but it also causes emissions that pollute the air and damage the environment.


Hydroelectricity is a method of producing electricity by using the power of flowing water to operate generators. This requires infrastructure innovation in irrigation projects such as dams, reservoirs and water pipelines. However, hydropower is considered one of the renewable electricity production methods and causes the least environmental pollution.


Solar energy is one of the typical trends in developed countries today. In the process of solar power production, sunlight is converted into electricity through solar panels. This is an effective, non-polluting and renewable method. However, infrastructure installation requires large investments and production efficiency is not high.

Wind energy

Wind energy is one of Vietnam’s potential power sources with its long coastline and terrain with many areas with strong winds. The use of wind power generators also produces no polluting emissions and is a clean and renewable method of electricity production. However, investing and building infrastructure for wind energy also requires large costs.

Nuclear energy

Nuclear power is a method of producing electricity using the power of nuclear reactions to create energy. It is an effective method and can produce large amounts of energy. However, the use of nuclear energy also brings many safety and environmental risks, especially during the transportation and treatment of nuclear waste.

Situation of investment in electricity production in Vietnam

Current trends

Currently, electricity produced in Vietnam is still mainly operated by coal-fired thermal power plants. However, in recent years, the Vietnamese Government has been promoting investment in renewable energy sources such as hydropower, wind and solar. According to the plan, by 2030, the proportion of renewable power sources in Vietnam’s total electricity production will reach about 15-20%.

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Difficulties and challenges

Electricity production using advanced technologies in Vietnam still faces many difficulties and challenges. One of those things is the investment costs for infrastructure and production facilities, as well as the cost of electrical products. In addition, the issue of safety management and control of these technologies also requires a system of experts and related processes to be built and perfected.

Typical production electricity model

Currently, Vietnam has a number of typical electricity production models such as:

Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant (Binh Thuan)

Vinh Tan 4 thermal power plant is considered the most efficient and environmentally friendly thermal power plant in Vietnam. This is a factory built with investment capital from Vietnam and Japan, and uses Japan’s exclusive super coal technology to reduce emissions and environmental pollution.

Dau Tieng solar power plant (Tay Ninh)

Invested by the Chinese Hanergy Group, Dau Tieng solar power plant is one of the largest solar power projects in Southeast Asia. Using modern technology and capable of producing large amounts of electricity, this plant is providing electricity to thousands of households and businesses in the Tay Ninh area.

Invest in advanced power generation

To develop the electricity production industry, the Vietnamese Government has been introducing many policies and support methods for investors in this field. In addition to reducing taxes and costs for projects, the Government is also creating favorable conditions for the import of advanced power generation equipment to improve production efficiency and reduce initial investment costs.

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What is the electricity production process in Vietnam?

Currently, in Vietnam, the electricity production process is mainly through coal-fired thermal power plants. However, the Government is also encouraging projects using green energy sources such as hydropower, wind and solar.

Renewable energy production technologies include using non-consumable energy sources such as the sun’s heat, the power of water currents or wind to generate electricity through devices such as solar panels. solar or wind energy generators.

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Investing in advanced electricity production not only helps reduce polluting emissions and protect the environment, but is also an opportunity to develop Vietnam’s industry and economy in the 4.0 technology era.

Thus, electricity production is one of the important fields and plays an important role in Vietnam’s economic development. Currently, investing and using advanced technologies to produce electricity is a trend that cannot be ignored. By promoting projects using renewable energy sources, Vietnam can reduce costs for electricity production, protect the environment and promote sustainable economic development in the future.

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