On every current power line, there are protective devices for the line, but there are also cases that occur on the line such as power line break. When the power line is broken and falls to the ground, a phenomenon called step voltage is created. This is an electrical safety issue that can cause electrical accidents if someone gets close to the downed area. What is step voltage?

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What is step voltage?

What is step voltage TTTT? Step voltage is the voltage that occurs when current flows through the grounding system to enter the ground or the voltage conductor is dropped on the ground, the ground will be the dissipation resistance to this current. When the power line falls, it will create a step voltage area, if someone steps in, it will create a voltage based on the distance of their two feet, which will adversely affect the body if the voltage is large enough.

Step voltage causes unsafety, causing dangers during human operation. Especially in the case of operating substations and power lines that cause large currents to go underground. This problem can be caused by a short circuit or by lightning causing the power line to break. Generates a voltage between the legs of the rider in the affected area.

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Step voltage is the voltage between what and the formula for calculating step voltage

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Step voltage is the voltage between what?

Step voltage is the voltage between the two legs of the subject when entering the step voltage area, the closer to the center of the step voltage and the further the distance between the two feet, the greater the potential difference is placed on the body, up to a threshold. certain effect will affect the object in the influence of step voltage.

Stepping voltage is a dangerous situation that requires high vigilance and measures to avoid electric shock in the step voltage range as follows:

  • Do not approach and prevent people from approaching areas with broken and falling power lines within a radius of 10m.
  • If you are standing in an area with step voltage, you should move by hopping with one foot out of the danger zone.
  • Should be away from the point where the wire touches the ground, preferably more than 20m.

Formula for calculating step voltage

The formula for calculating step voltage is: The step voltage is equal to the potential of the pin position closest to the downed wire minus the potential of the other leg, This is also known as the pin voltage or step voltage.

Therefore, it is necessary not to enter too close to the step voltage center and not to leave the two pins underground at a great distance when in the step voltage region. For direct current, the dangerous current is 100mA and for alternating current is 50mA, if exceeding the above value can affect life.

To calculate the current in the step voltage we take the step voltage divided by the human resistance, the human resistance is usually calculated as 1k Ohm.

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