In order to supply electricity for the whole territory of Vietnam, we still have a very large power plant system to set the full capacity to supply the whole country. Power plants in our country are very diverse such as solar power plant, wind power plant and rich in types as well as different capacities from plants with a capacity of a few hundred kVA to several hundred MVA.

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What is a power plant?

Power plant TTTT is an industrial-scale power generation plant. At present, power plants are mainly used generators. Generators in factories are responsible for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy through the principle of electromagnetic induction. However, the source of variable energy from factories is different, for example: solar energy, thermal energy, hydroelectricity, wind energy, etc.

The power plant will convert other energy into electricity, so there will be many different fuel sources such as: petroleum, natural gas, coal, water flow, sunlight, wind, nuclear, … However they are The thing that has its own weaknesses and strengths but is the most popular and developing today is wind energy and solar energy, also known as photovoltaic and wind energy.

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Types of wind, nuclear, solar, coal, hydroelectric power plants, etc.

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The current types of power plants in our country are very diverse, here are the main types of power generation plants including: nuclear power plants, wind power plants, solar power plants, coal power plants, factories. hydroelectric…

Coal power plant

Coal power plant also known as thermal power plant, this plant specializes in using coal or burning substances such as petroleum, natural gas, …. To heat the furnace, pressure is created to rotate the alternator turbine to produce electricity. This type of plant is considered as a conversion from heat to electricity. Thermal power accounts for the largest proportion of electricity production in our country.

Although accounting for the largest proportion of electricity production in our country, thermal power plants emit a lot of gas into the environment and directly affect the environment, and the plant’s fuel is limited, so it is very limited in its use. use in the future. The largest thermal power plant in our country is Pha Lai 2.

Hydroelectric plant

Hydroelectric power plants, also known as hydroelectric plants, use the energy of water flow to rotate water turbines to generate electricity. These plants are located in natural or man-made lakes to create a slope that turns the turbine. This type of power plant is considered a conversion from mechanical to electrical energy. Hydroelectricity accounts for the second largest proportion of electricity production in our country.

In general, hydropower is very good, but there are other aspects that affect the environment and cause problems affecting human life, so this energy source cannot be considered as an energy source for the future. . The largest hydroelectric plant in our country is Son La.

Nuclear power plant

A nuclear power plant (atomic power plant) is a system that uses energy generated from nuclear energy and converts it into electricity through nuclear reactions. This type of plant is considered a conversion from nuclear energy to electricity. Nuclear power plants are still not much developed in our country, there are only small plants for development.

Wind power plant

Wind power plant are a popular energy source in our country, this is considered a renewable energy source that does not waste when used and does not affect and pollute the environment. This type of power plant is considered a conversion from wind energy to electricity. The largest power plant at present is in Bac Lieu.

Solar power plant

Solar power plant are a widely used and welcome energy source in our country. This power source is user-friendly. The sun is the best source of energy today in terms of performance and cost, so every home can be applied to every home, using solar energy is to convert light energy into electricity.

Solar energy is ranked 3rd in our country and the largest solar power plant is Trung Nam Thuan Bac Solar Power Plant located in Ninh Thuan.

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