Energy is indispensable for all activities today. With today’s energy we have electricity, heat, kinetic energy, etc. But there is a pretty good form of energy that is being used the best today is light energy. Photovoltaic today has many advantages, so it is widely applied in today’s life. Today we are going to What is light energy and example of light energy.

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What is optical energy?

What is light energy TTTT? Photovoltaic energy is a form of energy that is taken out from light to convert it into other energy sources such as heat, electricity, etc. An example of light energy is currently, the most common use of photovoltaic energy is to convert light energy into electricity and apply it. used in solar power. Solar energy is a clean and renewable form of energy that can be used for a long time without waste or impact on the environment.

Photovoltaic energy is also the most preferred form of energy today and is converted from other forms of energy such as thermal energy, hydroelectricity to photovoltaic energy to convert into light energy.

Insulation of heat energy into light energy, light energy into electricity, electric energy into light energy

Converting heat energy to light energy

Thermal energy is energy that is frequently used and this form of energy will often have an impact on the environment and using many of these forms of energy will be exhausted and can no longer be used long-term in the future.

Converting heat to light energy we can see that by lighting a candle it will be heat energy but will convert it into light energy, or we burn an object like coal, along with heat energy there is also heat energy. even the power to light up in the coals.

Converting light energy into electricity

Currently, the conversion of photovoltaic energy to electricity is very popular when using solar power. The source of photovoltaic energy can be used for a long time without any loss or impact on the environment, so it is used a lot. However, investing in solar energy to electricity is costly, so it is only suitable for areas with a lot of sunlight and high sunshine hours.

Converting light energy into electricity is based on the principle of operation of solar panels, they absorb light energy (photovoltaic) from the surface and then convert it into DC current from the Sices controller.

Converting electrical energy into light energy

The conversion from electricity to light energy is no longer a strange thing for each of us. The use of electricity to convert into light energy to help little for lighting. Supply power to fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps or LED lamps to produce light energy.

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What is solar energy and its applications?

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What is light energy? Photovoltaic is the best energy available today, getting energy from sunlight is mainly for the purpose of generating electricity to provide energy conversion equipment. The main applications of solar energy are:

  • Producing electricity from solar energy.
  • Drying agricultural products.
  • Heating, cooling and parameters.
  • Water heaters solar energy.
  • Energy for aircraft, automobiles.
  • Sun clock.
  • Used in cooking.

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