With the current era of modernization, 4.0 technology is being developed with artificial intelligence being widely used and increasingly applied in life and production. So what is artificial intelligence technology? Example of artificial intelligence? and benefits of artificial intelligence? That is the most asked questions by many people. Today TTTT Global will tell you about artificial intelligence including concept, advantages and disadvantages, example of artificial intelligence, wisdom and many other information.

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What is artificial intelligence?

What is artificial intelligence TTTT ? Currently in the scientific world, artificial intelligence two AI is the intelligence represented by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence of our people. Often artificial intelligence is a description of machines (computers) with the ability to imitate human perception for the purpose of learning and solving problems in life. So what is benefits of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence can be classified into three different main types of systems: Analytical AI is the type of intelligence that uses people’s past experiences to perform, inspired artificial intelligence from human is an artificial intelligence that takes human emotions to provide solutions or make decisions and personified artificial intelligence is a type of artificial intelligence that can be self-aware and develop awareness. develop in the future. Each type has different abilities that bring a lot of value to life.

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence

Advantages of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence AI can handle high-volume work quickly and accurately, these applications can use in larger, more complex data. These calculations and controls are more accurate than human calculations and controls, helping to solve the tasks in the most precise and best way as generator controller.

When handling large-volume jobs, humans will often not calculate accurately, but artificial intelligence is different, it can calculate accurately and quickly for humans. This is the advantage of artificial intelligence AI brings to humans.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence

Although the advantages of AI are very good, it also has disadvantages such as consuming a large amount of data for AI to operate, control and calculate. Explainability will be an AI problem in the field of operations. This is the disadvantage of artificial intelligence because this is not a human so the interpretation will be the weakest thing AI is.

Although AI can solve problems quickly and effectively, it is often just results-oriented and the implementation process is difficult to explain, so AI also needs human development and development direction. to be able to set the best and better efficiency today.

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Examples and achievements of artificial intelligence

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Currently, artificial intelligence is being applied a lot in many different fields and lives such as a few examples of artificial intelligence such as: self-driving cars, smartphones, virtual assistants on phones, communication and action robots, object recognition systems, smart homes, smart devices, etc.

Currently, artificial devices are being developed and there are many achievements. Achievements of artificial intelligence include outstanding achievements such as: artificial intelligence that simulates people, artificial intelligence for copying, drawing, decorating, artificial intelligence for job processing, artificial intelligence for project predict, ….

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