In today’s era of technological development, electricity is an indispensable element in human life. Open the switch to turn on the lights, and charge your phone, laptop, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. All must go through the power source. However, few people pay attention to the electrical frequency in the civil power network in Vietnam. This article will answer confusion about Vietnam electrical frequency and introduce its importance in life.

What is Vietnam Electricity Frequency?


In electrical knowledge, frequency is the number of voltage or current oscillations in one cycle. Frequency is measured in units of Hz (Hertz) – a simple unit of frequency measurement, the only unit of measurement used in the SI measurement system.
The commonly used electricity frequency in Vietnam is 50 Hz. This means that the AC power source changes direction 50 times per second. However, there are also some cases in Vietnam that use equipment with an electrical frequency of 60Hz as an auxiliary power source for household appliances imported from abroad.

Some Frequency Concepts (Hz)

In electricity, frequency is fundamental in measuring and checking voltage and current parameters. Here are some terms about frequency:


The period is the time during which one cycle of oscillation is completed. This is measured in seconds.


Vietnam electrical frequency TTTT is the number of fluctuations of voltage or current in one cycle. The unit of frequency measurement is Hertz.


Amplitude is an expression of the magnitude of a fundamental signal and is usually measured in volts.

Phase shift

Phase shift is the time interval between two oscillations of the same frequency.

What Are 50Hz And 60Hz? How Different?


50Hz and 60Hz current are two different types of current, common in grid power systems around the world. Some of the differences between them include:


As mentioned, the frequency of a 50Hz current is 50 times per second, while the frequency of a 60Hz current is 60 times per second.


The voltage of the 60Hz current will be higher than the 50Hz current to ensure the reliability of electrical equipment.

Electrical equipment

Some electrical devices only operate effectively at a certain frequency. For example, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, ceiling lights, electric stoves, etc. usually only operate at 50Hz and are not suitable for 60Hz.

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Why is Vietnam Power Grid Frequency more popular with a 50Hz?


Vietnam Electricity Frequency started using the national electricity network in 1954 with the Vietnamese electricity grid frequency being 50Hz. This electrical network is designed to serve common household electrical appliances and industrial equipment. However, later, when importing electrical equipment from different countries, Vietnam will also need to be able to use equipment with different electrical frequencies.
Although the country of Vietnam has made many changes in the power grid system in recent years, however, the civil power network in Vietnam’s frequency remains the same at 50Hz. According to leading industry experts, maintaining the use of 50Hz power frequency will help save costs and easily manage the grid system.
How to Use Vietnamese Electric Frequency
In daily life, we use a lot of household and industrial electrical equipment such as lights, televisions, air conditioners, pumps, generators… all operating with Vietnam Power Grid Frequency in 50Hz. Users do not need to pay much attention to the electrical frequency, just plug the device into an electrical outlet and it can be used.

Compare Electricity Frequency in Vietnam with Other Countries

In today’s world, electrical frequencies in civil power networks may differ. Some advanced countries have 60Hz electrical frequency such as the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, while other countries such as Europe, and Southeast Asia such as Laos, Cambodia,… often use Use an electrical frequency of 50Hz.

Power Frequency Tips

When we use electrical equipment, users need to carefully check the device’s specifications and ensure that it matches the electrical frequency of the country they are using. If not properly used, the use of the device may cause danger to the user and the device.
In addition, when purchasing household or industrial electrical equipment, users need to pay attention to the electrical frequency of the device to ensure that it operates effectively on Vietnam’s electrical network at a frequency of 50Hz. 

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